Yard No. 491

built by Scotts Greenock in 1918



Yard Number 491, was named SWALLOW when launched on Thursday, 01/08/1918 by Scotts Greenock .

SWALLOW was scrapped on 24/09/1936

Ship Particulars:
Built: 1918
Ship Type: Destroyer S Class
Tonnage: 1075t legend
Length: 276 ft
Breadth: 26 ft 8in

Additional Information:
Photo supplied by J Ward

To Ward 24/9/1936 as part payment for Majestic and scrapped Inverkeithing.

3 x 4in 45 cal QF Mk IV, 1 x 2pdr pom
pom, and 4 x 21in TTs (2 x 2). Crew 90

Ran aground off Chanak, but survived.
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